PDR 360 utilizes an advanced paint chip repair process and we are able to eliminate a large quantity of chips and scratches from your vehicle. The process we use is very effective in reducing and even eliminating chips and scratches from your vehicle. Gravel, sand and debris on our highways can lead to paint chips on the front end of your vehicle and take away from the look of your vehicle while also decreasing its value. We work with many main dealers here in South Florida and they all know the effectiveness of our solutions to achieve a higher return on each vehicle they move off their lot or showroom. Even the smallest paint chip or scratch, while incredibly common, can detract from a consumer’s interest in a vehicle and demand a lower offer. The same goes for private buyers and sellers of vehicles, if someone sees blemishes they are going to low ball you and if they have nothing to pull you cosmetically you are more likely to achieve your preferred selling price. All our highly trained technicians utilize an advanced paint chip repair process enabling them to eliminate a large quantity of paint chips and scratches concentrated in one area without sanding, filling or repainting the vehicle. This also saves on the costly hiring of a replacement car while yours is being repaired, as we can normally come to your work place or home to carry out the repair. (Location being appropriate). We pride ourselves on our superior PDR non-intrusive repairs, as they are so incredibly effective in minimizing and eliminating paint chips and scratches from a vehicle and bringing it back to pristine condition. PDR 360 utilizes special tools that enable us to remove dings, scratches, large and small dents in metal panels while taking a fraction of the time and therefore the cost of traditional body shop repairs. No harmful chemicals or pollutants are used by any of the processes PDR 360 uses to repair your vehicle, so we are not just helping the environment we help your pocket too! It is easy to understand why, with our cost, convenience and time efficiency PDR 360’s repairs are recommended by the auto trade and insurance companies.